First Night Sex After Marriage

Every couple wishes to create a memorable moment of their first night sex after marriage. However, in such a time, you or your partner may get anxiety about becoming intimate. It is normal if you feel uncomfortable talking about what lies ahead of you – sex. As a man, your main fear could be your ability to last longer in bed. On the other hand, as a woman you may be nervous about how you will look to your partner or how the sex will go. To dispel the anxieties and fear you may be having about your impending sex session, it is important to discuss your concerns with your partner before going to bed. Below are some tips to help you get through your fears and on to a great night:

1. Flirt with your partner

To set up a good mood for first night sex, try flirting with him/her during the day. Make him/her come close to you and want to share an intimate session with you. You can do this by stealing kisses, making surprise tickles, texting sweet and suggestive things and so on. You can sext without going overboard. Ensure your fantasies you share on these chats are flirty and fun. Let the fantasies make them want to have sex with you on the first night of your marriage.

2. Avoid pushing yourself beyond the limits

Remember, your first night sex is meant to excite both of you; it’s not a chore that you’re trying to complete. Therefore, let your partner enjoy the rhythm of the action. For ladies, while trying to motivate your man, avoid faking sounds. For men, just be yourself. Avoid using some substances that promise to make you last longer in bed. It’s important that both of you prepare well for the action while taking note of each other’s sexual need. Do not be selfish; seek to take your partner along with you in achieving sexual satisfaction.

3. Talk about how your day has been

Talking about how your day was can offer reliefs to you and your partner especially if you’re finding it hard to kick-start your conversation. Try sharing the good moments you both experienced throughout the day. Talk of comic scenes that made your day. In short, appreciate the day’s events and how they positively contributed to the good memories of your union. Even though you’ll be anxious and eager to hit the road running, preparing your partner psychologically for the moment is very crucial. Don’t just act like a hungry hyena, act like a mature adult; otherwise, your advances will get a cold reception from your partner.

4. Wear special and arousing outfits on your first night out

The attire you wear for your first night after marriage plays an important role in making you even more attractive to your partner. For instance, when you wear sexy outfits your partner will most likely throw a compliment at you. As a result, you will feel appreciated by him/her and even more connected and sensual. This will create a superb starting point for your first night sex.

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