London Escorts on Relationship Challenges

Did you know that it is hard to have any kind of relationship outside of London escorts? I am not going to deny that I get a kick out of working for the fantastic outcall London escorts. It is one of the best jobs that I have had in the adult industry in London, but at the same time, it is the most challenging one for me personally. When I worked as a hostess in a private club in London, I did not have a problem holding down a personal relationship with anybody. Now I am finding it a real challenge even to see my girlfriends.

Long Hours at outcall London Escorts

Sure working for the club meant that I worked during the night just like I do at London escorts. But my working hours at the club were finite. In other words, I knew when I would start and finish. It is not the same with London escorts. You have a rough idea when your shift is going to start, but you never know when it is going to finish. Business dates do rather have a tendency to go on for a long time. Also, you have the problem of gents who have not prebooked for a date, and that means you will have stay late.

Hard to Take Time Off

When worked at the private club in London, our busiest times were during the weekend. It works the opposite way around at outcall London escorts. I find that I am the busiest from Monday to Friday, and I often have the weekend off. But, if you get asked for an overnight date on a Saturday by one of your regulars, you need to be able to fit it in without complaining. Planning ahead so that you can meet your girlfriends can be very hard when you work for a top class London escorts service. I hate letting my girlfriends down, but I know that they are very supportive of what I do for a living.

What I Need to Do in My Own Time

Since I joined London escorts, I also think that I have less time for just me. You always seem to be doing something which is linked to working for London escorts. It does not matter if that is going to the gym or the hairdressers. All of this “maintenance” stuff like we girls at London escorts call it, does take up a lot of time. Not only is the time spent at your appointment, but it is also the time getting there.The thing is that you need to do all of this stuff if you want to enjoy success as a London escort. The girls who do not take working for a London escorts seriously are the ones who do not succeed. It is easy to assume we don’t work hard and are not professional about what we do. But, most London escorts who work for elite escort agencies in London, do take their vocation seriously. As a matter of fact, working for an escort agency is so much more like having a vocation than just have another job to go to.

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